Ruby Award

The Soroptimist Ruby Award recognizes and honors the first
Soroptimist Federation President, Ruby Lee Minar. 

“For Women Helping Women” recipient is…a gem!
A ruby is
a deep red gemstone associated with wisdom, importance,
vitality, strength, vivacity, power and love. 
These are all
words embodying the strong and compassionate women
who have been award recipients. 

This award honors non-Soroptimist women who are making extraordinary efforts on behalf of other women. This award gives the club and the entire organization the opportunity to say “thank you” and encourage others to explore ways to assist women. The Soroptimist Ruby Award
honors women who have worked to improve the lives of women
and girls through their professional and/or volunteer work and has had a significant impact on the lives of women and girls by
Inspiring and encouraging other women.